Why This Magnificence Editor Says You Ought to Be Dry Brushing Your Toes

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Dry brushing is an historic Ayurvedic custom that’s thought to enhance pores and skin texture, encourage circulation, provide lymph help, and even simply provide a second of rest. It’s a favourite of magnificence and well-being consultants alike. 

And one of many main advantages of dry brushing is exfoliation. Dry brushes are a bodily exfoliant, which means the instrument manually removes extra lifeless pores and skin cells from the floor of the pores and skin. Dry brushes—depending on the type you choose; here are our favorites—can vary from mild fibers to extra intense metallic bristles. Sometimes, we advocate discovering a softer choice, like Bathing Culture’s Total Body Brush, so that you don’t over-exfoliate your pores and skin. Say it with me: Abrasive exfoliators do extra hurt than good.  

And right here’s my argument as to why dry brushes make for some one of the best exfoliators to your toes: they’re sturdy sufficient for the world’s extra sturdy pores and skin, whereas not being too aggressive which may truly result in thicker pores and skin. “Your pores and skin goes into protection mode and can assume it must regrow in that space, normally thicker,” nail care knowledgeable and clear salon tenoverten co-founder Nadine Abramcyk as soon as informed us about foot care

Now there’s actually an artwork to dry brushing correctly (we explain it here, don’t worry), and the very first place you begin is your toes. Nonetheless, that is usually the place I see individuals make a standard mistake. As a substitute of dry brushing the toes themselves, they solely begin on the ankles. Take a scroll via TikTok, instagram, and different social media platforms and also you’ll see this repeatedly. Contemplating you’re already exfoliating your physique, chances are you’ll as nicely are likely to the toes too, no? 

Oh, and one final be aware: Your nails need a bit of exfoliation too. (This is the reason manicurists buff nails on the salon!) Don’t neglect to brush them if you are doing all of your routine—simply you should definitely be further gentle and mild with them, as you don’t need to scratch or harm the world. 

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