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Lissa’s Note: I’ve been so grateful to use my energy, privilege, and platform to broadcast probably the most trusted supply of up-to-the-moment Covid info I belief. Rick Loftus, MD is one of many docs in my non secular neighborhood with our shared mentor Rachel Naomi Remen, MD. He’s also probably the most certified individual I do know to present the best Covid information, and thus far, nearly every thing he has dared to foretell has been correct. Here’s his latest- provided with love, from him, via me, to all of you. I really feel grateful to have the chance to share his knowledge, data, and deep care for a world filled with a variety of each unavoidable and also pointless struggling right now. Let us do our half to forestall the avoidable struggling as best we are able to. I’ve been sharing a few of Rick’s recommendation on Facebook and not right here, so hold updated by following me on Facebook, along with staying on this listing.


“Most of you’ve figured out by now that whereas we had hoped July could be the start of the top for the COVID pandemic, because of Delta (and presumably different variants sooner or later; extra beneath), July was a candy intermission, but we are now in Pandemic, Act 2.

Delta is about 4 occasions extra contagious than “wild” SARS-CoV-2; it attains viral hundreds 1000 occasions increased. If something, this not solely means we have to return to the acquainted behaviors- minimizing indoor human contact, bodily distancing, masking- but we possible have to *intensify* these protecting behaviors to keep away from Delta.

As a lot of , some inside memos about Delta leaked from CDC about 2 weeks in the past. The leak defined why CDC started suggesting masking even for vaccinated people in areas with “excessive” charges of COVID (which is relevant to over 70% of our inhabitants right now and will be just about the entire USA by subsequent week). The memos associated to an investigation of the COVID outbreak in Provincetown MA at 4th of July. Almost 1000 folks obtained contaminated, and the CDC investigation indicated that vaccinated people weren’t solely getting contaminated however also passing on COVID to *different* vaccinated people.

This is a recreation changer. Why? Because with normal COVID, even when vaccinated people obtained COVID (anticipated; no vaccine is 100% protecting), they didn’t appear very contagious. That meant vaccines may cease the unfold of COVID, and we may get to some extent the place if sufficient folks have been vaccinated, the quantity of virus locally would drop, and even unvaccinated people could be unlikely to come across virus and thus be protected (“herd immunity”). With normal COVID we estimated we’d want 60-70% of people immune, which is why 70% of adults vaccinated was the Biden administration aim.

With Delta, vaccinated can nonetheless unfold COVID (half as well as unvaccinated infecte–however that seems to be well sufficient to get the job carried out)—so herd immunity is now not possible potential. Even with a brand new anti-Delta vaccine, we’d want extra like 85% of people immune. Thanks to the anti-vaxxers, the US will possible by no means get there. Herd immunity is possible now not an achievable goal- which implies we are all prone to be uncovered and presumably contaminated with Delta, sooner or later.

If getting Delta solely meant getting sniffles or spending a couple of crummy days in mattress, that wouldn’t be a giant deal. And we all know by far most vaccinated individuals even with Delta gained’t be hospital-level sick.

But what about Long COVID or post-COVID issues? As a lot of , I gave a Grand Rounds at my new hospital on this topic about 6 weeks in the past. There was a research of Israeli well being care employees printed within the New England Journal 2 weeks in the past. The research interval was when the Alpha variant was circulating in Israel- not Delta. Only 3% of well being care employees obtained contaminated in the course of the research interval (which is nice; vaccination can deal with Alpha). Of those that had COVID symptomatic infections, nevertheless, 20% nonetheless had signs at 6 weeks- similar to the Long COVID sample we noticed in unvaccinated people with normal COVID.

My conclusion is that the best manner to not get post-COVID issues, is to not get COVID an infection in any respect. Existing literature also exhibits that the sicker you are in the beginning of a COVID an infection, the extra possible you are to get post-COVID issues. In the primary few months of the COVID outbreak, it grew to become clear that the upper your publicity, the sicker you got- so utilizing masks, and so forth., is going to assist guarantee that if you happen to do get contaminated, it is a “smaller innoculum” and so a milder an infection. If we get particular oral anti-viral tablets accessible, the earlier they are started after an infection, the milder the an infection, and possible, the decrease the chance of issues.
By the best way, oral antiviral tablets goal inside proteins of the virus, not the skin spike protein focused by the vaccines or the monoclonal antibody therapies. Thus, antiviral medicine ought to work in opposition to variants like Delta simply as well as in opposition to normal COVID.

Delta is not simply extra contagious than normal COVID; it is also extra aggressive. My colleagues in San Diego have been seeing extra 30 yr olds critically sick with Delta final month, and pediatric hospitalists are seeing extra youngsters critically sick from COVID. Again, the overwhelming majority of infections are nonetheless gentle in youngsters, and the overwhelming majority of vaccinated adults who get contaminated have gentle instances, however Delta is higher at getting round immunity than are normal or Alpha COVID.

I might due to this fact not permit my youngster in environments the place masking is optionally available. Having solely a few of the folks round you masking is like a knight sporting solely a few of his armor in opposition to a fire-breathing dragon- if a few of his limbs get fried, all of him is going to fry. We don’t go away drunk driving as much as private selection for a similar reason- the drunk driver will not simply kill himself, he will kill different harmless folks, and that’s not his right.

With normal COVID, if one individual in a family will get COVID, different family members wouldn’t essentially get contaminated. With Delta, if one individual in the home will get it, your entire family will get COVID. That’s what we’re seeing. The weak hyperlink in your bubble is *your* weak hyperlink. Period. One normal COVID case, after 3 waves of transmission, on common can infect 8 folks. For Delta, it’s 125 folks. That’s the distinction.

Won’t vaccinations defend us? Based on the Israel information, Pfizer is solely about 54% protecting in opposition to Delta infections, vs 90-95% in opposition to normal COVID. The Israelis, not like the Americans, insist each uncovered individual in a case get examined, no matter vaccination standing or signs, which is why Israel can present us how a lot the vaccines are failing at stopping an infection. (Like many US docs, I used to be very indignant about such a silly choice by the “new” CDC- and they lastly changed that silly coverage final week after they realized how a lot bother we have been in with Delta.) Also, Pfizer introduced lately that at 6 months, their vaccine’s safety wanes. (Moderna says at 6 months they are nonetheless robust, however I’m assured we’ll see the identical sample with that vaccine quickly sufficient.) This Pfizer information was confirmed in the actual world by studies this week from an Israeli hospital, the place 90% of their COVID admissions now are absolutely vaccinated individuals. (Remember, in a rustic with a excessive vaccination charge, we do count on a excessive proportion of the hospitalized COVID instances to also be vaccinated. What’s reassuring is that the deaths-to-cases ratio is 60-fold decrease with the present Israel surge in comparison with the surge in January. People are getting contaminated, but we’re not seeing as many deaths, because of vaccination. The vaccines do work in stopping loss of life/essential sickness, let’s not neglect that.) Israel nonetheless has begun giving third dose boosters to these aged 60+.

I simply heard from a good friend in Coachella Valley the place an indoor live performance at which all attendees have been vaccinated resulted in 12 COVID instances up to now–very paying homage to the Provincetown outbreak. Vaccination alone is not sufficient to forestall an infection.

Your vaccination is like a hand defend, not a full go well with of armor. If your aim is to keep away from an infection (and I counsel for now, it ought to nonetheless be your aim), don’t depend on vaccination alone to guard you. Use top quality masks and different smart measures, per beneath. (See the top of this letter, “So what’s our endgame?”, for my ideas on the place this is going.)


Yes. The US ought to have already authorised boosters to adults with immune points (blood cancers, immune problems, autoimmune illness, HIV). The US ought to also be contemplating a third dose for these 60+ like Israel is doing. Ultimately I believe all of us will want a third dose booster or a “Vaccine 2.0” designed for the mutants like Delta. (These variant-specific vaccines exist already by the best way, as a result of scientists knew the present state of affairs would possibly happen- however politicians want to inform the businesses to make and deploy such vaccines, and the politicians are dithering- because of the reality that nobody desires to just accept actuality or go “backwards” though these are the information.) (Besides Delta, Epsilon and Lambda can also get round present vaccines. Lambda appears esp harmful, however it’s nonetheless a tiny minority of latest US infections, and it’ll must be considerably extra contagious than Delta to exchange Delta. We’ll want to look at it carefully.)


Use them in all indoor environments, and outside if you happen to’re standing round for extra than 5 minutes in a shoulder-to-shoulder crowd. Use N95 or KN95 masks; material masks are unlikely to be sufficient safety in a excessive danger atmosphere. I’ve obtained and am also utilizing Livinguard material masks, which have electrostatic fibers woven into the material; will be washed and reused (not like N95 and KN95 masks); and primarily based on German analysis, Livinguard masks confer safety equal to a KN95. They make fashions for teenagers too.


Use a twice-daily nasal spray to coat your nostril with an antiviral coating. You can purchase Viruseptin, a Swedish product, off eBay or Bonanza. It accommodates carrageenan. Xlear is an American product that also confers safety; it accommodates grapefruit seed extract (GSE). There are different nasal spray manufacturers just like Xlear with GSE. Studies present broad antiviral traits of carrageenan and GSE within the take a look at tube, together with in opposition to SARS-CoV-2. Since the nostril is the place COVID will get a foothold, normally, I believe nasal sprays are essential safety. Ultimately I believe higher COVID vaccines will be given by nasal spray quite than pictures.


If you need to be indoors with different people for extra than 15 min, put on a face defend or goggles. Recent analysis exhibits even common glasses are protecting in comparison with no eye safety in any respect.


While research-based proof of profit is combined for a few of these, they’ve low danger of side results and are not dear, so there’s little draw back to utilizing, as long as you don’t use them as an excuse to eschew protections like avoiding crowded indoor areas or utilizing masks. Vitamin D3 2000 items day by day ensures you aren’t poor on this nutrient, which helps keep off respiratory viral infections esp in these poor in Vit D. Zinc 20-40mg day by day is affordable, however I believe promptly sucking on zinc lozenges each 1-2 hours for 2-3 days on the first signal of sniffles or scratchy throat may match better- there’s robust literature on all respiratory viruses for this use of zinc. (After a couple of months of day by day oral zinc, take a break. It’s potential although uncommon to take an excessive amount of zinc.) Quercetin 500 mg twice day by day could also be useful and I use it. Pepcid antacid 20 mg twice day by day has had some proof of safety in opposition to COVID and there’s little draw back to utilizing it, so I do. I also take melatonin 5mg day by day at bedtime.

If I have been to suspect I had contracted COVID, I might up the quercetin to 500mg 3 times day by day; add Vitamin C 2000mg day by day (and not take it at similar time as zinc, as it could make you vomit; house out by a few hours); and add NAC (N-acetylcystine) 1000 mg twice day by day.


The Federal govt has bought 1.7 million programs of molnupiravir, a brand new, particular anti-COVID oral medicine made by Merck and found at Emory University. The drug should full trials before Merck can apply for emergency FDA approval, and they’d must make tens of millions of doses, so I doubt we’ll see it accessible throughout surge 4, however possibly by surge 5 this winter (we will want it). Meanwhile, I’ve ordered favipiravir, which *would possibly* work in opposition to COVID if given in excessive doses very early in an infection. I ordered from India, however it possible gained’t arrive till early Sept if it will get right here in any respect.

Other present medicine have been tried in opposition to COVID. Despite early curiosity in hydroxychloroquine, after we lastly studied it, we discovered it was extra prone to trigger dangerous side results and had no affect on COVID. Ivermectin has considerably higher information however a few of the research have been actually rubbish; it is likely to be price taking if there have been no normal therapies accessible. Fenofibrate and statin ldl cholesterol medicine are being studied for COVID and we’ll see if they assist. If you’re already on a statin or fenofibrate, hold taking it.

The monoclonal antibodies like what Trump obtained seem to not work in opposition to Delta. This is not a shock. When an individual exams optimistic for COVID we don’t examine their pressure, so docs should order monoclonals if somebody appears fairly sick or is vulnerable to getting fairly sick. Since 93% of US COVID is now Delta, it could not assist a lot. Again, it’s maybe higher than nothing, on the off likelihood it’s not Delta pressure.

Steroids solely assist if you happen to want oxygen, and hurt if you happen to’re doing okay on room air. Get a pulse oximeter for home; if you happen to’re above 93%, you don’t want a medical facility. Antibiotics don’t assist except you *also* have a bacterial an infection (wherein case, you’ll be within the hospital). If you’re not sick sufficient to be in hospital, you gained’t want both steroids or antibiotics for COVID.


Existing COVID exams can detect Delta. As a lot of , Abbott Labs now sells Binax Now, a 15 min take a look at for COVID, over-the-counter. I purchased some on Amazon; $25 for 2 exams. It is moderately sensitive (65-70%) at detecting a *symptomatic* COVID case, however solely about 35% in a position to detect an asymptomatic an infection (and possible many vaccinated individuals who get contaminated will haven’t any apparent signs).

Delta can look like allergy symptoms (runny nostril, sneezing, nasal congestion, sore throat) or typical COVID (fever, cough, muscle aches). If you’ve what could possibly be COVID signs, *don’t depend on one home speedy take a look at being detrimental to rule out COVID*. Given the decrease sensitivity of the home exams, I’d need to see the take a look at be detrimental two days in a row a minimum of before deciding it was one thing else- and I’d assume it’s COVID in the meantime and keep the hell away from different people, cats, and canine. I’d also organize PCR testing at a clinic whereas home testing- don’t depend on a home take a look at alone if in case you have signs.


I doubt we will see lockdowns, principally out of political considerations- the Biden administration doesn’t need to embrace that our hope to get to herd immunity and end this pandemic has failed, and that we’re going to see surges in autumn and winter in any case.

Based on what’s taking place within the UK, which has 60% of inhabitants absolutely vaccinated and has principally Delta circulating, this present 4th surge will proceed to construct via round Sept 7, and then drop via Oct 7 or so. I count on finish of Oct to be between surges, form of like final yr. We’ll possible then see a vacation surge, identical to final yr.

Increasingly the use of lockdowns, and so forth., will be foisted on native well being authorities, as a result of the state and Federal governments will be too cowardly to name for such. You can look on the crises in Missouri, Arkansas and Florida to see what letting native well being authorities name the pictures will imply.

Even these with forbearance and warning are going to get more and more bored with sustaining vigilance.

Speaking as somebody from a excessive danger neighborhood who survived the final pandemic of a deadly virus: Even accountable folks will get bored with everlasting vigilance and an emergency that feels prefer it will by no means finish.


Again, talking as somebody who survived the final deadly viral pandemic with out getting contaminated, I counsel cautious behaviors to delay an infection so long as you possibly can. The COVID instances I handled in July 2020 had a a lot increased likelihood of surviving their an infection than these I noticed in March 2020. Likewise, I waited my complete grownup life for an AIDS vaccine that by no means arrived- but we *did* finally get PREP, as an alternative, which achieved the identical protections.

It is possible that we will determine out why some COVID infections produce organ harm and Long COVID fatigue and mind fog, and have preventive or remedy maneuvers to scale back that danger. My recommendation above on how to ensure your an infection is very gentle, if it occurs in any respect, is focused in the direction of the aim of decreasing such issues. At finish of yr I count on the COVID-specific antiviral tablet molnupiravir to be accessible, and that will assist guarantee any an infection that occurs will be capable of be handled aggressively and early, which ought to forestall organ damage.

There is some intriguing analysis suggesting Long COVID fatigue would possibly consequence from the activation of Epstein Barr virus (EBV) by the immune results of acute COVID—so I’d also recommend contemplating beginning excessive dose acyclovir or Valtrex throughout acute COVID, and persevering with it for a minimum of a few weeks after restoration. That’s a fairly technical level for these of you who aren’t medical suppliers, however discuss to your treating physician if you happen to do get COVID, esp if it’s fairly dangerous signs. There’s no proof it could assist, however acyclovir and Valtrex are very secure medicine, and will be given as low-cost generics, so I see little draw back.
I’d recommend a short-term private aim of aggressively avoiding COVID till you will get a COVID third dose booster, or Vaccine 2.0, and/or the Merck oral anti-COVID tablet as wanted, and/or we determine out how to make sure a COVID an infection doesn’t harm your mind/coronary heart/different organs. (It’s potential that this final aim would possibly take Vaccine 3.0, which will goal virus proteins past spike protein.)

This recommendation might imply canceling non-essential journey this fall and winter till now we have higher protections, like antiviral oral medicine, simply and extensively accessible.

Based on the expertise and inferred historical past of different beta coronaviruses, nearly all people (95-99% relying on the particular coronavirus species) get these viruses finally. The unvaccinated sufferers whose plan is “I’ll simply keep away from it, I’m cautious” are deluding themselves. Unless you live in a spacesuit, without end, you’re going to get COVID finally. In reality, with different coronaviruses, a considerable minority of adults (~40%) will get *two* infections of the identical virus in a calendar yr. Since they principally simply trigger sniffles, or no signs, nobody actually cares. Original COVID was on its approach to turning into an analogous power head chilly virus with loss of life charges just like flu (which, I’ll remind you all, nonetheless kills 200 youngsters within the US annually) in possibly 10 years, except we’d gotten to herd immunity. That’s what we name “endemicity”- it’s round; frequent; and annoying, however not very deadly. With Delta, whereas this fall and winter look uncomfortably like final yr to me, with presumably substantial deaths within the unvaccinated, principally, the silver lining is that the time to endemicity could also be as fast now as yet one more yr solely. (See Lavigne Et al Science 12 Feb 2021: Vol. 371, Issue 6530, pp. 741-745 DOI: 10.1126/science.abe6522 if you would like the mathematics on that). For us older adults, nevertheless, we’ll nonetheless possible want Vaccine 2.0 or 3.0 to maintain COVID firmly within the “not deadly” class.

I strongly recommend the podcasts “The Osterholm Update” and the scientific replace episodes with Dr. Daniel Griffin of “This Week in Virology” podcast for individuals who want good, humanitarian COVID information.

Love you all. Stay secure.
Rick Loftus, MD”

Lissa Rankin

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