What The Vaccinated Can Do To Protect Against Breakthrough Delta Covid Infection

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Rick Loftus, MD has supplied the next solutions, based mostly on his experience as a entrance line Covid ICU doc, public well being knowledgeable, virologist, and immunologist. And I’ve added a few of my very own. I hope this helps boil down a variety of hopefully supportive recommendation in a single straightforward submit. 

As I wrote in my submit in regards to the distinction between optimizing particular person well being and cooperating with public well being (https://lissarankin.com/natural-health-and-public-health-vaccination-and-immune-boosting/), we should not have to decide on between pure well being, useful medication, standard medication, religious medicines, trauma therapeutic, and public well being medication! We want ALL the instruments on this planet’s medication bag today, so let’s use what we have now. 

COVID VACCINE: First, please do what you may to guard Rick and others like him on the entrance strains by ensuring you’re vaccinated except you’ve got a medical exemption, and do your best (I do know it’s practically inconceivable in some instances) to affect those that are vaccine-hesitant, particularly in case you’re able of energy and can exercise that energy to affect individuals as an employer, on-line influencer, or group chief. 

Keep in thoughts that your vaccination is like a hand protect, not a full go well with of armor. If your objective is to keep away from an infection (and I counsel that for now, that ought to nonetheless be your objective), don’t depend on vaccination alone to guard you. The following each/and holistic, standard, and public well being recommendation is meant as a complement to vaccination, not another. The single best factor you are able to do to your private well being and for public well being is getting the mRNA vaccines in case you can. While the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines supply 95% safety in opposition to earlier strains of Covid, they seem like solely 50% efficient in opposition to the Delta pressure, so breakthrough infections are potential, although you’re nonetheless far much less prone to wind up hospitalized or useless, and you’re far much less prone to transmit the Delta pressure in case you are vaccinated. 

SOCIAL DISTANCE AND MASK UP: If you may’t get vaccinated or exercise your freedom to refuse it, keep home for now. Mask up with N95 or KN95 masks (fabric masks aren’t sufficient) in case you have to be indoors. If you’re outdoor shoulder to shoulder for any longer than 5 minutes, also put on your masks. I’ve obtained and am also utilizing Livinguard fabric masks, which have electrostatic fibers woven into the material; may be washed and reused (in contrast to N95 and KN95 masks); and based mostly on German analysis, Livinguard masks confer safety equal to a KN95. They make fashions for youths too. Avoid being indoors right now in case you can, but when you must be indoors with different people for extra than 15 min, put on a face protect or goggles. Recent analysis exhibits even common glasses are protecting in comparison with no eye safety in any respect.

NASAL SPRAYS: Use a twice-daily nasal spray to coat your nostril with an antiviral coating. You can purchase Viruseptin, a Swedish product, off eBay or Bonanza. It comprises carrageenan. Xlear is an American product that also confers safety; it comprises grapefruit seed extract (GSE). There are different nasal spray manufacturers just like Xlear with GSE. Studies present broad antiviral traits of carrageenan and GSE within the take a look at tube, together with in opposition to SARS-CoV-2. Since the nostril is the place COVID will get a foothold, often, I feel nasal sprays are essential safety. Ultimately I feel higher COVID vaccines will be given by nasal spray fairly than pictures.

VIT D: Vitamin D3 2000 items every day ensures you aren’t poor on this nutrient, which helps push back respiratory viral infections particularly in these poor in Vit D.

ZINC: Zinc 20-40mg every day is cheap, however I feel promptly sucking on zinc lozenges each 1-2 hours for 2-3 days on the first signal of sniffles or scratchy throat may match better- there’s sturdy literature on all respiratory viruses for this use of zinc. (After a couple of months of every day oral zinc, take a break. It’s potential, although uncommon, to take an excessive amount of zinc.)

QUERCETIN: Quercetin 500 mg twice every day could also be useful and I use it.

PEPCID: Pepcid antacid 20 mg twice every day has had some proof of safety in opposition to COVID and there’s little draw back to utilizing it, so I do.

MELATONIN: I also take melatonin 5mg every day at bedtime.


  1. Up the dose of quercetin to 500mg thrice every day
  2. Add Vitamin C 2000mg every day (and don’t take it similtaneously zinc, as it might make you vomit; house out by a few hours)
  3. Add NAC (N-acetylcysteine) 1000 mg twice every day.


The Federal authorities has bought 1.7 million programs of molnupiravir, a brand new, particular anti-COVID oral treatment made by Merck and found at Emory University. The drug should full trials before Merck can apply for emergency FDA approval, and they’d should make thousands and thousands of doses, so I doubt we’ll see it out there throughout surge 4, however perhaps by surge 5 this winter (we will want it). Meanwhile, I’ve ordered favipiravir, which *may* work in opposition to COVID if given in excessive doses very early in an infection. I ordered from India, however it seemingly received’t arrive till early Sept if it will get right here in any respect.

Other present medication have been tried in opposition to COVID. Despite an early curiosity in hydroxychloroquine, once we lastly studied it, we realized it was extra prone to trigger dangerous side results and had no impression on COVID. Ivermectin has considerably higher knowledge however among the research have been actually rubbish; it is likely to be price taking if there have been no commonplace remedies out there and some front-line docs are taking it, however the knowledge isn’t conclusive. Fenofibrate and statin ldl cholesterol medication are being studied for COVID and we’ll see if they assist. If you’re already on a statin or fenofibrate, maintain taking it.

I noticed knowledge at a Grand Rounds on Friday on the monoclonal antibodies we use to deal with COVID. While it is true that one in every of them (from Eli Lilly corp) doesn’t work in any respect in opposition to Delta, the opposite, the Regeneron product that Trump obtained, nonetheless works 50% in opposition to Delta. It is good we nonetheless have that remedy possibility. There is also one different monoclonal developed in opposition to SARS-1, sotrovimab, that has been emergently authorised now to use in opposition to Delta, because it targets a area that is related between SARS-1 and COVID.

Steroids solely assist in case you want oxygen, and hurt in case you’re doing okay on room air. Get a pulse oximeter for home; in case you’re above 93%, you don’t want a medical facility. Antibiotics don’t assist except you *also* have a bacterial an infection (by which case, you’ll be within the hospital). If you’re not sick sufficient to be in hospital, you received’t want both steroids or antibiotics for COVID.

Keep in thoughts that the longer you may delay getting Covid, the extra time scientists should develop higher remedies. You’re more likely to outlive Covid now if in case you have a breakthrough an infection than you’ll have been a yr and a half in the past, so this is excellent news! Science is an extended, gradual, arduous course of, however simply as we’ve turned HIV from a deadly an infection right into a largely continual illness, we will learn extra over time. It’s potential we will all get Covid sooner or later in our lifetimes as a result of we have now seemingly missed the window for herd immunity due to the cussed and willful lack of cooperation with public well being measures, which wanted to be carried out swiftly before the virus mutated. But hopefully, the extra time we purchase the scientists, the higher your end result will be.


The CDC and FDA simply authorised Covid vaccine boosters for administration 8 months after the primary dose. Nursing home residents and front-line staff will most certainly be the primary to be boostered (https://www.nytimes.com/2021/08/16/us/politics/booster-shots.html).


A really small and imperfect body of knowledge (https://nutrition.bmj.com/content material/early/2021/05/18/bmjnph-2021-000272) suggests that a plant-based diet could enhance your end result in case you get Covid. [Lissa’s note: I am regularly drinking my kale, celery, cucumber, parsley, yellow beet, lemon juice as an unproven prophylaxis, cleansing agent, and superfood nutritional supplement, and yes, I realize what a privilege it is to be able to make this regularly from organic produce.]


Carry on with your common health-inducing, immune-boosting routines so your body can combat Covid at maximal capability in case you do get it. Treating your traumas with innovative trauma therapies, non-bypassing, embodied prayer and meditation practices, healthy emotional regulation and expression so that you don’t bottle up all of the concern, anger, and disappointment so many really feel, common motion and exercise like climbing, working out, yoga, Tai Chi or Qigong, listening to nervous system regulating music, artistic practices like artwork, dancing, singing, and journal writing, nature choices and different gratitude practices, and protected ways to come back into communities of healing- both outdoor or on Zoom.


We supply all of those in Healing With The Muse, alongside with psycho-education about therapeutic trauma and different religious therapeutic practices. If you may afford to buy a membership to assist assist all of the unpaid volunteer activism my group has been doing, please do! We might use the assistance right about now.

*Rick and Lissa each perceive that entry to a few of these medicines is a privilege that can’t be readily accessed and scaled on the public well being stage, so let us also do what we will on the coverage stage to enhance well being fairness, assist non-profits geared toward addressing this (like my non-profit enterprise Heal At Last), and vote for politicians that care about well being fairness and social justice.

*If you wish to assist stop breakthrough infections, also PLEASE cease spreading misinformation. Find reliable sources and don’t assist the Disinformation Dozen get even yet one more view. Their delusional, reality-denying misinformation is actually killing individuals. Please be a part of the caring group that is serving to to cease the unfold of their distorted messaging. You can assist by not spreading misinformation and unfollowing anybody who is spreading pandemic-spreading lies. We have to rally collectively to get a deal with on converging crises- with compassion and kindness however also with fierce love that says NO to these inflicting hurt with their ignorance and malice.



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