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The Sun Salutations are the most well-liked asana sequences in yoga. It is a sequence of postures designed to heat the body, assist to strengthen your muscle groups, enhance flexibility, improve vitality ranges whereas preserving you calm and centered in your breath. The Sun Salutations, or Surya Namaskars, are one of many best yogic practices to learn and grasp. We have compiled the best free surya namaskar movies for rookies and skilled yogis from YouTube. We have grouped these movies into two sections—the primary will clarify the category model, the second focuses on variations A and B. These YouTube movies will clarify and educate you methods to do these poses appropriately, whereas offering modifications and ideas for rookies.

What are the several types of solar salutations?

There are 3 primary variations of Sun Salutations. They all include a core set of actions and are sequenced similarity however they differ barely primarily based on the custom, variety of postures, and depth of observe. Each variation has its personal advantages, and these advantages also change primarily based on the tempo that one practices the solar salutation. Many vinyasa or movement yoga lecturers will combine in inventive modifications and add different poses into the next variations of solar salutations.

  1. Classic Sun Salutation — This model comprises 12 poses and is best for rookies. You will discover barely completely different variations taught relying on the varsity or custom. Instructors normally lead this model at a slower tempo, holding every pose for just a few breaths. The basic sequence is normally practiced in units of two, switching which leg is stepping ahead and again within the lunges.
  2. Ashtanga Vinyasa Sun Salutation A — This model is much like the basic solar salutation, but it surely comprises 11 actions with tougher poses and transitions. Version A consists of plank to chantaranga push up motion that requires a great quantity of higher body power to be carried out appropriately. This is the most well-liked variation, so it is the best one to learn in case you plan on going to a yoga studio or taking on-line lessons.
  3. Ashtanga Vinyasa Sun Salutation B — This model is longer and extra intense than Series A, and ought to solely be tried after some expertise with working towards the earlier sequence. The addition of Chair pose and Warrior 1 builds extra power within the legs. Both A and B variations are meant to be carried out with every motion linked to every inhale or exhale.

Usually one or extra solar salutations are included right into a yoga class, however they are often practiced by themselves for a shorter session. If you observe them commonly, you’ll rapidly be capable to memorize the actions and discover an enchancment in each bodily fitness and psychological readability.

Classic solar salutation movies

How to Do the Sun Salutation by Sivanandacanada

The Traditional Surya Namaskar is the one model taught in a Sivananda yoga class. This fast 1 minute video solely instructs one side—it is really useful to 2 rounds to guide every with a unique leg—so this is best used if you need a fast overview of the basic model.

Traditional Sun Salutation by Hollie Wakeham

Filmed in opposition to a phenomenal backdrop, this 10-minute video is best for rookies. The first two rounds are taught slowly, with detailed directions and modifications for brand new college students and these with challenges with power and flexibility. The final two rounds are the total conventional salutations.

Traditional Sun Salutation by Yoga With Lena

In this 8-minute video you will learn the actions for the normal solar salutation with the breath. The class begins with a half solar salutation and continues with 4 repetitions of the total basic solar salutation.

Sun Salutation A and B movies

Sun Salutation a Flow for Beginners by YogiApproved

Yoga instructor Ashton August breaks down the nuances of body alignment and explains methods to hyperlink breath with the actions of the Sun Salutation. This 13-minute newbie class begins with a proof of the advantages of the sequence and then strikes right into a step-by-step clarification of every asana.

How To Do Sun Salutation A, The Right Way by Well+Good

Yoga teacher Tess Koenig explains and demonstrates frequent errors college students make when working towards solar salutations. While this is a bit dramatic, it clearly illustrates the way you shouldn’t be working towards these poses. Afterwards, she leads the sequence the right manner with detailed cues, modifications and variations.

Sun Salutation A Steps (Surya Namaskar) Tutorial by Yoga Screen

This 3-minute video begins with a quick clarification of Surya Namaskar and continues with a transparent and detailed clarification of every step within the sequence. The close-up pictures of the transition and modifications are particularly useful for rookies.

How To: Sun Salutation A with Caley Alyssa

In this tutorial, Caley will information you thru the important elements of the A Series of Sun Salutations and her ideas and modifications for every pose. 7-Minute educational Sun Salutation A category

Sun Salutations Flow You Can Practice Every Day by Rituals Cosmetics Global

This 13-minute class combines 5 conventional and 5 Series A solar salutations in a row. The actions are synced with the breath, so rookies could discover it to be too quick to comfortably comply with alongside, however this is an amazing energizing and strengthening class for extra superior yogis.

Sun Salutation A, Technique & Modifications by Cat Meffan

Geared in direction of rookies, this 24-minute class begins with a brief heat up and continues with detailed instruction on the methods, foundations and modifications of Sun Salutation A. The video ends with three solar salutations taught whereas shifting with the breath in every pose.

Sun Salutation B by Yoga With Adriene

In this 9-minute class Adriene takes us by means of every asana on this sequence, offering variations and detailed directions. This is an amazing video for rookies or for yogis wanting a sluggish movement by means of this difficult sequence. A second spherical of Sun Salutation B is instructed in silence.

How To: Sun Salutation B with Caitlin Turner by Alo Yoga

This 5-minute Sun Salutation B tutorial is an amazing introduction for rookies. Follow alongside with this class to learn methods to use Sun Salutation B as a base for a robust yoga observe.

Sun Salutations A and B with Kino

This 26-minute class gives an amazing overview of the Ashtanga Sun Salutations. Kino teaches the normal Vinyasa Count for each Sun Salutation A and B and gives clear and detailed modifications and instruction to make these sequences accessible and approachable no matter your present degree of bodily potential.

Want More Free Yoga Videos?

At YogaBasics, we’re commonly reviewing new yoga movies and delivering our high picks to you on the weblog each single month! Browse our Free Yoga Videos archives to search out the proper observe to your temper, vitality degree, and schedule.

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