More Food Shortages? Phytophthora Fungus Infects Vegetable Gardens Across the Country

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By Jayne Rising

Shortages appear to be the theme of 2020 and 2021. Everything from meat to commodities and even semi-conductors made the checklist of attainable or particular shortages. Now, the early onset of a fungus that assaults greens might depart us with no pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving and no Jack-o-Lantern’s at Halloween!

What is Phytophthora?

P. capsici blight, sadly, has hit pumpkins early and laborious this yr, endangering the provision of commercially canned purée as well as jack ‘o lanterns. “Home gardeners could also see it have an effect on their capacity to develop tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and squash.” [source] P. capsici: infects pumpkins and different cucurbits, bell peppers, and eggplant.

Phytophthora, categorised as oomycetes, is a fungal genus with 170 described species and one other 100-500 estimated ready for discovery. Phytophthora is one of many water molds, and not one species is as much as any good in backyard or discipline.

P. infestans is the bug answerable for the Irish potato famine of the nineteenth century and is a extreme downside in potatoes as we speak. Members of this troublesome genus (listed beneath) infect the Solanaceae household, together with potatoes and eggplant, cucurbits together with squash and pumpkin, strawberries, and many economically vital timber, flowers, and shrubs.  P. parasitica assaults bell peppers, tomatoes, and eggplant. This an infection is generally referred to as buckeye rot.

This article contains common info relevant to pumpkins, potatoes, tomatoes, strawberries, and peppers, widespread greens grown in home gardens. The supply hyperlinks all through this text have footage, which are, in fact, helpful to diagnose. 

General indicators and signs of an infection for pumpkins and potatoes

Here is a condensed checklist of common signs of an infection to assist with recognizing and diagnosing.  

General First Signs: Water-soaked spots are small, pale to darkish olive inexperienced, angular to irregular, and current on the decrease leaves on the leaf ideas or edges. Lesions quickly develop into giant, darkish brown to purplish-black lifeless areas throughout cool, moist climate.

Early Fruit Infection Symptoms: Lesions are grayish-green or brown, displaying the place the fruit touches the soil. Buckeye rot lesions have a easy floor with a diffusely outlined margin. Late blight lesions develop a tough floor and sharply outlined margin.

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Potato Tuber Symptoms: Lesions are small to giant, irregular, barely depressed, pink to brown, or steely purple floor. A tan to darkish reddish-brown, dry, granular rot extends into the tuber.

Cucurbit Fields: This an infection often seems first in low areas the place soil stays moist for an prolonged interval. Crown rot causes all the plant to break down and die. Water-soaked lesions are darkish olive to start with and become darkish brown in a number of days. [source]

On pumpkin particularly, it impacts the roots, stems, leaves, and fruits.

General indicators and signs of an infection for strawberries, peppers, and tomatoes

Strawberry Root Rot: The outer root cortex stays white whereas the inside core or stele turns a pinkish-red shade. After a couple of minutes of publicity, healthy root tissue turns reddish. [source]

This web site also contains attention-grabbing info on laboratory prognosis along with particular root rot signs. You will discover detailed info on helpful fungicides and a fertilizer routine for administration as well. 

Leather Rot on Strawberries: happens throughout flowering or after fruit set when moist circumstances and berries contact the soil. Infected blossom clusters flip brown and die. Immature fruit, contaminated areas seem brown to black. Mature fruit the colour of an infection ranges from mild tan to mild pink or inexperienced, and the fruit turns into laborious and leathery. [source]

Leather rot is at the moment a difficulty for me. The quantity of Captan I used to get even a few huge bowls value is appalling. I can’t think about consuming the rotten fruit. It is that horrid wanting.

Root Rot in Peppers: A number of pepper varieties are immune to the basis rot part of the illness however are inclined to the crown rot part. Varieties that are immune to Phytophthora blight: Paladin, Aristotle, Declaration, Intruder, Vanguard, Hechicero, and Sequoia. [source]

Infection in Tomatoes: Also attributable to P. capsici and referred to as buckeye rot, much like cucurbits and peppers. [source]

Life Cycle

The pathogen overwinters in contaminated tubers and diseased vegetation and adores cool, moist circumstances. Nights within the 50s F with days within the 60-75 F vary and excessive humidity over a 4-5 day interval are extremely conducive to blight growth. Not solely does the fruiting body of Phytophthora (sporangia) kind thick-walled spores that can survive for a number of years (oocytes), it procedures spores are motile (zoospores.) Meaning they swim. And the zoospores final at the least 5 years. 


Crop rotation is essential. Plant resistant varieties if attainable. However, remember resistance can decline over time. Resistant varieties are also prone to require some fungicide. Avoid planting inclined hosts in fields the place Phytophthora has been for at the least three years. If irrigation is the chosen watering system, irrigate within the early morning, so the leaves dry shortly. Avoid utilizing floor water as your supply since it could carry spores.

Planting in raised beds with black plastic mulch helps drain water away from the vegetation and retains fruits from direct soil contact. However, remember that water can pool beneath the plastic and assist unfold the an infection. Increase fungicide protection on particular person vegetation by widening the rows and decreasing the variety of vegetation within the discipline. 

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Minibeds on Plastic consists of a number of 30″ by 30″ small raised beds manufactured from wooden, spaced roughly 18″ aside and constructed on prime of a plastic mulch barrier. The plastic contained in the wooden frames is reduce out and eliminated and used as mini planting beds. Plastic over the realm surrounding space holds moisture within the soil and prevents weeds from rising.

Sanitation is also a robust preventative method. Remove diseased vegetation as well because the vegetation adjoining to them. Burning or burying them could also be your best choice. Power wash gear that’s been in a Phytophthora-infested discipline. If you’re utilizing hand instruments, bleach is your good friend.

Fungicides: There are plenty of these labeled for use on Phytophthora. Consider a mix therapy as a result of the fungus has developed resistance to a few of them, Mefenoxam, for instance. As I mentioned, this is a nasty genus and extremely aggressive. 

Are there extra shortages headed our method?

Phytophthora blight is a nasty illness with a considerable financial influence. It’s difficult to eradicate, so prevention is your best protection. Even with therapy, my strawberry beds produced a lot much less than typical. There is clear proof that I’ll be treating my backyard subsequent yr as well. 

Perhaps this is a good time to learn develop pumpkins! 

Have you had this illness infect your backyard? Were you capable of efficiently handle it? Did your backyard survive? Share your illnesses within the backyard tales with us within the feedback part.

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Jayne Rising is a gardener and bookworm with a BS from the University of Wisconsin and a Master Gardener certification. She’s been rising food on her small city lot since 2010 and educating others do it since 2015. She’s concerned in plenty of native city agriculture initiatives, working to carry a sustainable and healthy food system again into the mainstream.

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