Are Bell Peppers Good for You? 4 Reasons to Eat More

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Bell peppers are crispy, crunchy, and mildly candy.

They’re standard in low-carb cooking, and you could find them year-round at your native grocery retailer (though they taste best after they’re in season in the course of the summer time and fall!). But are bell peppers good for you? Yes!

Let’s go over a few of the well being advantages of bell peppers and how one can cook dinner with them in tasty, low-carb-friendly recipes.

Bell peppers are low in energy and carbs

A big, entire bell pepper comprises simply 43 energy and 10 grams of carbs, which is most likely welcome information for individuals who wish to shed weight.

So, do bell peppers make you acquire weight? In all probability…no!

You’re higher off searching for different culprits in your diet.

Any food in extra could cause weight acquire, however the probability of consuming extra than three bell peppers in a sitting is uncommon (~129 kcals), which is across the typical serving of potato chips.

And relating to salty snacks like chips, you’re extra prone to eat extra than one serving.

Bell peppers are excessive in vitamins

Make no mistake — bell peppers could also be low in energy, however they’re packed with vitamins.

They include vitamin A, C, B6, and folate, as well as potassium and iron. So, which coloration bell pepper is the healthiest?

According to Brittany Crump, M.P.H., R.D. at Savor Nutrition, “In the case of vitamins, the colour of your bell peppers does make a distinction.”

Green bell peppers are picked before they ripen to crimson. A inexperienced pepper already comprises 150% of your each day really helpful wants for vitamin C.

A crimson pepper can supply 350% of your each day really helpful wants.

Let’s dig slightly deeper:

  • The really helpful each day allowance of vitamin C for females is 75 mg per day.
  • For males, it’s 90 mg per day.
  • Any sort of enormous bell pepper comprises 128 mg of vitamin C. So for women, that’s 171% of the RDA and, for males, it’s 142%.

“Red, yellow, and orange bell peppers are greater in lycopene and carotenoids than immature inexperienced peppers,” says Crump.

Carotenoids are plant-based antioxidant-like compounds that might assist defend your cells from the injury of oxidation.

Bell peppers are a great supply of fiber

Fresh red sweet pepper on a wooden board

Bell peppers include a great quantity of fiber in comparison with the variety of energy they add to your diet.

Eating a massive, entire pepper will offer you 3.5 grams of fiber, which is 14% and 9% of the each day really helpful quantity for women and males, respectively.

Eating sufficient fiber is particularly vital for weight reduction and total wellness as a result of it helps make you really feel fuller for longer and retains you common by stopping constipation.

Bell peppers are delicate and simple to eat

Why select bell peppers over all of the others?

Crump explains, “Bell peppers are delicate and a great possibility when you favor to keep away from spicy peppers. For these with heartburn, bell peppers are a great substitute for spicy peppers, which might worsen heartburn.”

Unlike chili peppers, bell peppers don’t include capsaicin, the substance that offers peppers their burn.

3 Easy Ways to Cook Bell Peppers

stuffed peppers

Now that the query, “Are bell peppers good for you?” has been answered, let’s focus on how one can cook dinner with them.

No doubt, you possibly can get pleasure from bell peppers contemporary and sliced into snack sticks, however why not get slightly extra artistic within the kitchen?

1. Stuffed or loaded bell peppers

Stuffed bell peppers may be an effective way to reuse leftovers. The hole cavity of bell peppers is made for stuffing with floor meats, egg, cheese, beans, rice, or different cooked veggies.

Of course, you possibly can also simply load these similar substances over sliced bell peppers and bake.

Get artistic — it’s all in the way you wish to slice your bell peppers. Some recipes for inspiration:

2. Grilled or roasted bell peppers

Caramelize the sugars in bell peppers to get much more taste out of your veggies. You can obtain this on a grill (smoky) or within the oven (charred).

  • To grill a bell pepper, minimize it into quarters, coat it with nonstick cooking spray, and place them instantly on the grill grate for 5-10 minutes.
  • To roast bell pepper, minimize it into quarters, coat with nonstick cooking spray, season, and bake at 450 levels F for 15-20 minutes.

Enjoy as-is, or use cooked bell peppers as an ingredient in one other dish equivalent to:

3. Stir-fried bell peppers

Let’s face it — bell peppers are key in making any meat and veggie stir-fry dish lovely to look at as well as making it much more scrumptious.

They add a pop of crimson, yellow, or orange to an in any other case sea of greens and browns.

Stir-fries are a simple, healthy dinner possibility:

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