20 Ways To Spot A Cultic Leader

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I used to be mid-research into Sacred Medicine and a health care provider I do know mentioned, “Hey, come to this secret assembly with a shaman from a distant tribe who is on the town just for this week to share his sacred knowledge. Oh, and put on white. And convey your checkbook.” When I acquired there, quite a lot of lovely younger white individuals fantastically outfitted in flowing white angelic clothes encircled a person of white colonizer descent who claims he was the primary white particular person to be initiated into this Indigenous shamanic custom. The “shaman” (I put this label in quotes as a result of all the true shamans I met on my Sacred Medicine journey didn’t use this grandiose label) was wearing conventional white garments with rotten enamel. His two teenage kids flanked him and each appeared glazed and dissociated, like they have been underneath a spell. I watched because the “shaman’s” followers, all of them idealistic, well-intentioned “Save the earth” Americans and Canadians who have been following him all around the world in a rickety bus, sucked as much as him whereas he acted like an asshole.

We, the brand new recruits, have been ushered into the house the place cash was collected from us and handouts have been handed round. The shaman then led us in ritual house to the memory of our delivery and the hypnosis started. At the top of the day, individuals have been invited to do non-public sessions- at a payment. I went to watch however didn’t desire a non-public session. I solely needed to speak to the shaman for analysis functions. One of my buddies acquired conned into shopping for this $1000 amulet to guard her from the allegedly evil spirits that have been out to get her. Someone else was satisfied to donate some huge cash to “the trigger” (saving the earth, in fact.)

The subsequent day, we have been invited to make a pilgrimage to a website in nature that had apparently appeared to the shaman in a dream. We met the beautiful white individuals within the rickety bus on the trailhead and adopted the shaman’s lead. Every few hundred toes, he stopped and everybody was presupposed to spin in circles. I imagined that if anybody else was watching up play observe the chief, we will need to have appeared hilarious.

Things took a rocky flip when he started main us by a patch of thick poison oak. There was no path by the poison oak, solely twisted thickets of poison. Yet he plunged by anyway and the beautiful individuals adopted. I did too, realizing that my white garments have been about to be torn to shreds. When we acquired the place his interior GPS was apparently main us, everybody dropped right into a circle across the chief. The women started weaving. The males have been holding these vessels and spinning a stick in them.

The subsequent day, my housemate, who had joined us, was swollen shut from poison oak. I appear to have some form of poison oak immunity, so I used to be high-quality, however my poor housemate may barely open her eyes and her legs have been moist with weeping hives. Apparently, the shaman’s kids have been also swollen shut. His response? That the individuals who have been struggling have been bearing the burdens of the tons of of Native Americans who had been massacred at that website the place his interior GPS had led us. The swollen, itchy, practically anaphylactic individuals have been expiating the karma of those who dedicated the bloodbath.

You’d suppose by this level, among the fairly white individuals would have woken up and gotten slightly widespread sense, nevertheless it was apparent they have been entranced, hook line sinker. I used to be love bombed, focused as somebody “particular,” made to really feel chosen, singled out. But I’ve studied cults and been harm by cult leaders, so by this level in my Sacred Medicine journey, I had realized the onerous lesson of discernment and may spot the recruitment right away. I had cash, affect, energy, a e-book I used to be writing, and an activist’s coronary heart that cares about environmental points, so I acquired the complete court docket press, however I turned away from that scary scene, selected to not write about some helpful issues I realized from the shaman in my e-book, and chalked it as much as a cautionary story.

Many years previous to that, I had been invited by a well-known man I admired to join a particular group of choose, by invitation solely, mystics. We would all be gathering in an outdated mansion to work on honing our “siddhis,” the non secular superpowers described by yogis. I used to be fascinated and curious. I felt flattered to have been invited. But it solely took me a few month to appreciate how harmful this crew of black magicians was. I bowed out and left unscathed, by no means wanting again. I don’t know the way the others fared.

Ten years of learning Sacred Medicine gave me a main lesson in how you can spot a narcissistic cult chief and the communities that are drawn to them. Sometimes cults are a cult of two, and generally they’re extra apparent, just like the shaman and the beautiful white individuals or the mystic and the black magicians.

But the cultic chief is simple to identify as soon as you realize what you’re on the lookout for:

  1. They are typically charismatic and seductive with a penetrating, boundary violating gaze and depart you feeling like a spell has been forged on you.
  2. They promise miracles and exaggerate their claims.
  3. They are self-inflated, grandiose, deem themselves “particular” and suppose they’ve the 411 direct to God.
  4. They typically have an interesting origin story that can’t be confirmed or disproven.
  5. They typically declare to have been granted a miracle of their very own, and having been granted the miracle, they now have the facility to grant you one, for a payment, or for intercourse, or for one thing you may not want to give away, like your energy.
  6. They are typically grandiose show-offs. If they do have mystical energy (some do, some simply pretend it), they like to flaunt it to impress you and hook you and make you are feeling fascinated.
  7. You could end up feeling ungrounded, dizzy, and ecstatic as in the event you’ve fallen in love.
  8. They disempower you to empower themselves, feeding off you energetically.
  9. They are masterful at gaslighting and make you doubt your self.
  10. They are very fragile in the event you problem them and wobble underneath something different than blind adoration and worship. Especially in the event you convey up science, attempt to show their claims, counter them with proof to refute what they are saying, or in any other case counsel that they are something different than the God-like messiah they declare themselves to be, they activate you.
  11. They are typically extraordinarily insightful and intuitive and use your traumatic wounding to hook your most burdened interior kids and attempt to get these elements to bond to them to allow them to management you. Once these interior kids bond to your individual Divine Self as a substitute, you’ll be much less susceptible.
  12. They are unwilling to humble themselves, apologize, take accountability for his or her behaviors, or in any other case admit to their humanity in the event that they wind up making a mistake. Instead, they’ll double down on how particular and righteous they are, even within the face of proof on the contrary.
  13. They are likely to mock science and vital considering and forged aspersions on those that care about such issues, as in the event that they’re “higher” than science.
  14. They attempt to separate you from your loved ones and different family members who would possibly query the cult chief and sow seeds of doubt in you. In order to attain the 100% domination cult leaders require, they should isolate you from the critically considering, skeptical, involved family members who would possibly speak some sense into you. Any healthy chief will assist and foster your different intimate relationships moderately than pressure you to decide on between the cult chief and your loved ones/buddies.
  15. They create for the cult follower an intense and /or unprecedented sort of emotional expertise, normally cathartic or touching into trauma not directly, that trauma bonds the recruit into the chief’s group.
  16. They preemptively arm the brand new recruit with the instruments of how you can fend off buddies and household’s issues, on the grounds that “strange individuals don’t perceive what we’re doing right here, and could attempt to speak you out of it. Don’t let them. We have every thing you want right right here.”
  17. They get an influence hit off controlling cult followers with uniforms, dietary restrictions, bizarre sleep patterns, sexual prohibitions or necessities, or different patterns of domination.
  18. If you flip away from the cult, they ramp it up with persistent unwillingness to allow you to step away. The cult chief and typically the followers as well will argue, cajole, assault, gaslight, and threaten you with dire predictions of all of the catastrophic issues that would possibly occur to you in the event you don’t collapse and join the cult.
  19. They could declare to have entry to secret data instantly downloaded by some particular non secular energy and refer you to a sacred textual content that can’t be questioned in its final authority.
  20. They could inflate themselves with some particular moniker, like “John…of God” or “shaman” (a label by no means used by precise Indigenous shamans.)

Charismatic narcissists are likely to single out the beautiful individuals, or the rich individuals, or the highly effective individuals, to seduce them with love bombing and make them really feel not directly “chosen” or “particular.” If you get chosen, they lay it on thick. They have been your trainer in an Egyptian thriller college in a previous life. Or your mom or father lifetime after lifetime. You have a soul contract collectively and one thing dangerous will occur in the event you don’t full your soul job. The earth wants saving, or the mission must be fulfilled, or [fill in the blank way to hook you through your idealism, need to feel chosen, Mommy/Daddy wounds, etc].

Janja Lalich has spent her entire life learning and studying how you can spot a cult and I like to recommend her work in the event you’re curious to learn extra about how you can shield your self. I used to be fortunate my very own non secular trainer taught me how you can spot a cult and how you can cult-proof my neighborhood over a decade in the past (as a result of she had been in a cult and needed to spare me that pain.) But some are not so fortunate. I nonetheless really feel unhappy about these lovely younger individuals in flowing white. I ponder if a few of them are getting sexually abused by their messiah determine. I fear for these glazed-eyed kids who appear 100% dominated.

Sadly, there are so many unsavory characters on the earth of Sacred Medicine, as evidenced by the brand new Netflix John of God documentary. So if we’re going to foray into that territory in any respect, we should achieve this with eyes broad open and healthy skepticism and discernment recognizing the pink flags of malignant narcissists right away. They are simple to identify, as soon as you realize what you’re on the lookout for.

Try this guidelines to search out the place you’re simply “hooked.” If you possibly can spot your individual temptations to get hooked, you possibly can become “slippery” and simply let the hooks slide right off you.

  1. Fascination. Notice the place part of you is curious, enthralled, and fascinated by a mysterious or intriguing character who may be claiming some sort of magic.
  2. Magical energy or particular data. If anybody is attempting to hook you with the promise that in the event you observe the chief, you can also achieve some sort of mystical superpower or secret insider data, stroll the opposite means.
  3. Miraculous therapeutic. If you’re determined and sick and nothing else has labored, exaggerated claims of miraculous healings will be nearly impossibly seductive. Any good healer will be humble sufficient to inform you that generally individuals have good outcomes; different occasions they don’t.
  4. Enlightenment. If you’re the spiritually bold sort, the promise that somebody will “wake you up” and achieve you entry to some particular white couch within the sky the place you’ll by no means ever really feel pain once more will be an nearly irresistible hook.
  5. Being the chosen one. Especially in the event you ever felt unspecial, unchosen, unloved or even uncared for, discarded, disposable as a baby, the love-bombing of specialness will be as addictive as heroin.
  6. Belonging as a part of a household of different “chosen” or “particular” individuals. If your individual household was much less than very best, this generally is a tremendously seductive hook. Most of us crave being a part of a “tribe” the place we really feel we belong. If you learn or watched the John Grisham novel The Firm, you realize that “the household” you get lured into might not be fairly what it appears. When I used to be given my first e-book deal by a well-known non secular publishing home, the love-bombing was intense. I used to be welcomed into “the household” with a strong matriarch and patriarch main the best way. My personal father had simply died, so I used to be susceptible, as have been lots of the different authors in that world. I wound up realizing that I don’t want my writer to be my household. I’d moderately work on my household points in remedy and am joyful to now have a really mature, accountable, skilled, moral writer who doesn’t have to hook me by my traumatic wounding.
  7. Mission. Most cults revolve round some sort of utopian “save the world” theme. If you have got disillusioned elements or idealistic elements, this may be extremely intoxicating to suppose you would be a part of saving the planet, saving the tradition, saving the youngsters, or no matter else would possibly want saving.
  8. Abundance. Some cults are extra monastic and cash is underplayed (different than asking you to surrender all of yours and contribute your inheritance and life financial savings to “the trigger.”) But some, like multi-level marking cults, hook individuals with guarantees that you will “manifest” wealth or abundance and assist others do the identical.

As one reader right here fact bombed, “If you are feeling SMALLER moderately than greater after being with your trainer/guru/healer, then they only stole your vitality within the guise of serving to you. If you stroll away from a workshop or occasion feeling a deep nearly sexual eager for the following one… they nonetheless have a chunk of your vitality. If you NEED your trainer to approve of you, like a father or mother… they’ve acquired a chunk of your vitality nonetheless.” Boom! This.

If you or anybody you realize and love has been hooked on this means by a cultic chief, I’m terribly sorry for any pain you or your family members could have endured. I hope you don’t blame your self or beat your self up, and in the event you’re attacking your self in any means, please open your coronary heart to your susceptible elements and forgive your self. We all have our vulnerabilities and cult leaders know precisely how you can hook us the place we’re most tender and naive. It’s not your fault; it’s theirs. The cult leaders are the corrupt ones preying upon susceptible trauma survivors and they are those who have to be stopped of their tracks to allow them to’t preserve abusing individuals.

Yes, cult leaders are also trauma survivors, and all trauma deserves our compassion. But cult leaders have to be held accountable for his or her abusive behaviors. The cult leaders are those who deserve our anger. They are those who, in the event that they have been healthy, would really feel ashamed of what they’re doing. We needn’t bear their disgrace for them. Those who get seduced or conned by cultic leaders have to be light with themselves as soon as they awaken from the trance. It’s not the cult follower’s fault, nevertheless it is their accountability to do the post-mortem on how they acquired hooked to allow them to be slippery subsequent time. And it is their accountability to carry themselves accountable for any abuse or hurt they inflicted on household or family members whereas they have been within the cult.

Abuses of energy are rampant, not simply within the non secular world, however in every single place that compromised, corrupt individuals promote out to trample on others with the intention to make it to the highest. We could make ourselves safer by studying what to look for, so we take our energy again, disempower the cult leaders, and learn the discernment needed to remain protected in an unregulated business that commoditizes spirituality and makes susceptible individuals simple prey.

What did I miss? What different traits can individuals look for to identify a narcissistic cult chief, influencer, or healer? What different hooks would possibly make individuals susceptible? What have you ever all realized from your individual expertise?

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